“Urn's 'Epiphany' Takes Metal In An Exciting New Direction. Here is something you don't hear every day in the rock genre: folk metal music. That's right, the genres of metal and folk music do combine, and while not seen often, some bands have come along and defined both themselves and the genre with their incredible music. One such band is URN, and with the release of their upcoming album, Epiphany, they continue their journey to highlight the darkness surrounding both the concious mind and unconcious soul, or rather, the darkness that dwells within us all.”


- Christina Avina, On Request Magazine (Sep 25, 2015)

The band has a unique way of blending symphonic metal with Celtic/folk influences. It was like Riverdance and Trans Siberian Orchestra had a baby and named it Urn. The album opens with “Autumnal Sunrise” and you’re immediately taken by the unique blend of styles and the instrumentation. It’s followed by “Cast in Amber” which is also the first single and video released from the album. Founder and lead vocalist Dominic St. Charles has a voice that is so distinct and you almost think of him as a storyteller rather than a singer in a symphonic metal band. He definitely has a way of taking you on a journey with his vocal delivery.”


- I'm Music Magazine (Sep 09, 2015)  


“With 20 years experience in the music scene, originator Dominic St. Charles brings the world, his next dark folk metal vision with Urn. Cradled in its new home in the clutches of Dark Moon Records via Dark Moon Productions. Inspired by and compared to Opeth, Nighwish and Finntroll among others, they have recorded a record bent in the classical elements of folk metal with hints of paganism. You could dance a jig to some tunes and head bang to most. While the majority of the record gives off a good feeling there are moments of gloom and treachery.”


- Mike Ritchie, (Sep 07, 2015)