Cleve Hall

Keyboards and Synths


Cleve Hall is mainly known as a Special FX Artist with a career that spans 40 years. He has created countless Monsters and Gruesome Gore in Horror Favorites like RE-ANIMATOR, PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE, THE SANDLOT and TERRORVISION.  His work is not confined to the film industry, but creating iconic pieces in the music industry as well, including Gene Simmon’s armor for KISS, Alice Cooper’s Cyclops, props for ICP and TENACIOUS D, and DEVO, who honored Cleve by writing a song about him... MONSTER MAN. 

After years of working quietly behind the scenes he gained International attention when Syfy Channel aired a TV series featuring his FX artistry in 2012. It also revealed his unusual Gothic Lifestyle, driving his Hearse and participating in Volunteer Work with his Charitable Organization DARK ANGELS-LA. 

Also revealed was his talent as a musician, playing keyboards in Gothic bands such as MAD LOVE on the East Coast, and EXQUISITE CORPSE on the West Coast. 

In 2016, Cleve met with URN to collaborate on  video and stage projects.  Seeing the band play in Los Angeles and learning they were in search of a keyboard player, he realized how much he missed being part of a music group.  Dusting off his instruments he started learning the songs and felt an instant connection to URN’s music.  After a 20 year hiatus, he took his place as URN’s Keyboard Master, bringing his own dark style to the group.