The U.S.-based dark metal band URN® is one on a musical journey exploring the darker aspects of both the conscious mind and the unconscious soul.  The band has been captivating audiences across multiple genres and have been establishing themselves as one the more energetic live acts to see.   The band has drawn comparisons by national trade media to such artists such as Type O Negative, Lacuna Coil, Amorphis, Nightwish, My Dying Bride and other similar acts that tend to find a certain beauty in darkness.  

URN began back in 2000, while singer/guitarist Dominic St. Charles was still an active member of the Electric Hellfire Club.  After fulfilling tour obligations, URN went out on two national tours in 2001.  The band recorded and released a maxi-single called "Consecrated Ashes" to assist in touring and sold out the 500 copies of the self-release.

In 2003, the band followed up that release with the "Desecrated Ashes" EP and was met with great success and acclaim. The album received strong airplay support via college and Internet stations all through the United States as well as in Mexico and Canada. URN has also done a several simulcasts with Internet radio stations such as IPM Radio and Metal Works Radio.

URN signed with Rotting Corpse Records in the fall of 2005 and released their full-length LP "Dancing with the Demigods" with major chain-store distribution through Century Media, Synergy Distribution and Azure Green in July 2006. The album has received rave reviews in many major trade magazines such a Pit Magazine, Explicitly Intense, New Witch, Dark Realms, The Ninth Gate, Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, and many more. This album has been out of print since 2008.

As a result, URN toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada and in the process toured/shared the stage with honored acts such as MoonspellType O NegativeTo/Die/ForKatatoniaVirgin BlackTroubleBella MorteNovembers DoomCeltic Frost, and many notable others.

The band released their second full-length LP in 2009 on Rotting Corpse Records entitled "Scribings of a Forgotten Soul". This was a concept album based on the true accounts of individuals that Dominic personally knew that survived the 1989 prison riots at the State Correctional Institution – Camp Hill in Pennsylvania.

With its release, URN took to the road once again in support of the new album, playing all over North America, including tour dates with TarjaFinntrollThe EternalSwallow the SunKatatoniaBlackguard, and Lividity. The band released another promotional video for the single "Reckoning Hour".

In October 2011, Urn relocated from Chicago, IL to Orlando, FL and proceeded to continue to do headlining tours throughout North and Central America. In early 2014, URN signed with Dark Moon Records and released their fourth studio full-length album entitled "Epiphany" on August 25, 2015 as well as their promotional video for the single "Cast in Amber". 

The band embarked on several U.S. tours to support the release highlighted by attending the 2016 Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, Laconia Bike Rally in Laconia, NH, and GenCon in Indianapolis.  The band also released a promotional video for the self-titled track from the “Epiphany” album in Summer 2016.

URN, a band who is always pushing their boundaries and thresholds, looks to continue to do so over the coming years by their life commitment to constantly evolve, adapt, and grow on their musical journey.  Through their ongoing collaborations with artists of other mediums such as author/media personality Michelle Belanger of A&E’s Paranormal State, and Cleve Hall, from SyFy’s “Monster Man” who officially joined the band as keyboardist in 2016.  Ms. Belanger did guest vocals on Desecrated Ashes and ˆDancing with the Demigods and appeared in URN’s video for their "Shadow Dancer" single which was nationally distributed to many media channels and is available on the album as well.

Eric James Peterson (ex-Electric Hellfire Club) joined as the new drummer officially in 2017.   Both he and Mr. Hall are featured in their new promotional video that just finished production for the single “Silently, I’m Still Screaming” from their Epiphany LP released on Dark Moon Records.

URN has also completed the writing process on their sixth album which is tentatively entitled “;”(Semicolon) and have been in talks with Thom Hazaert (Thom Hazaert Company/Ellefson Music Productions) to produce the upcoming album with a potential 2021 release date.